Clear ideas means clear communication

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Clear ideas means clear communication

Simple, but truthful.

Managing the communication of a company, small business or project is not just about making strategic decisions that are functional for growth: it’is about understanding what needs are being met, redefining or embracing the values behind them, making it understandable first to us and then to the audience: who we are, what we do and especially how and why.

I use the we because anyone working in a job position inherent to communication cannot fail to include the viewpoint of the project leader/business owner in order to then express it. A role similar to that of actors: identification is necessary for a convincing performance. It happens very often, in my role as a communications consultant, that I also have to write the script together with the producer.

And this is what happens.

A story of clarification

I met with a new client this week – we took a full day to brainstorm and clarify a number of points before we started talking about communication. He is in the organized travel tour business, he needed someone could support him in communication, sure, but who believed in his project. This work immediately convinced me: enterprising people who alone have a strong passion that they can turn into a reason for living and working are my ideal clients.

I asked him what he was involved in, and at first he looked puzzled, as if to say: you already know. Well, I knew, but I wanted him to tell me exactly what he does and in what way. What came out of that was confusion about what services were already going on, what clients were insisting on, and what was actually being communicated.

We shed light on:

  • what services were already being offered
  • which services work
  • which ones don’t work
  • which ones have potential to be implemented from scratch

From here, we went on to clarify which audience these services are targeted at. And then to what are the best channels to reach those people who need the services we offer – the match is all there, to allow supply to meet demand.
We went through all the communication channels we already use, such as the website-how can we optimize it? I guided him through this on each touchpoint and came up with not only creative and appealing ideas, but also new ways to expand.

Clarity means simplicity

The result? At the end of the day, exhausted, we realized that with my guidance and professional advice as a communications manager and his experience and passion owner of the business, we had created the right combination to explore the potential of the project from all sides.

You were right, he told me at the end. Only clear ideas can lead to clear communication.

This is what I mean by “Clear ideas means clear communication”: each strategy stems from an analysis that gets to the heart of each project.