Social Media Content Creation

Instagram Social Media Feed

Feed of the Italian account of the company About You for which I took on the role of International social media manager: from zero the account now has 200k followers, the grid in question has been processed and published by me with related caption. 

Instagram Social Media Post

Creating the graphic contents and copywriting for an Instagram post announcing a best company award win. The colors relate to the logo and are inherent in the graphics of the company’s website.
We are excited to announce we Travel has been named one of the most innovative Travel companies in 2022!
Our platform is built for travel companies to collect payments, manage bookings and pay the suppliers: organizing a trip is easy, affordable and exciting with us!
Start planning your trip with us ✈️

Linkedin Social Media Post

Creation of graphic contents and copywriting for the publication of a post on Linkedin.

In the case of a B2B company LinkedIn is the ideal social media to share content with a community of professionals, which is why I differentiated my strategy depending on the communication channel.

Instagram Social Media Post

Post designed for Instagram for the nonprofit CIWF against the mistreatment of animals in cages. 

Social media for ICOM

Social media post copywriting for ICOM, International Council of Museums, to announce an online course related to museum practices

Instagram Social Media Feed

Grid of 9 Instagram posts designed for the launch of a new fall-themed fashion collection 

Instagram Social Media Post

Instagram post with photo snapshot and caption writing for the launch of a new Rustica-branded tomato puree for Degusta Box company
Caption English translation: And it’s immediately home 🏠 The new Rustica tomato puree, with 100% Italian tomatoes, keeps the flavors intact and pairs perfectly with our favorite dishes. A spaghetti with the roommates, a dinner to get to know each other or the family reunites: made to be shared ❤️

Marketing Content


The launch of a new platform to be communicated to clients for the company Interacta resulted in the writing of a newsletter.

English translation:

Faster, more intuitive, more practical: the new Interacta platform for work management is the natural evolution of your business and has been designed to simplify its use and offer an even more complete service in the management of processes.
Try it in an exclusive preview, starting with these three simple actions:

– Create a task
– Change the date of an appointment
– Change the status of a task

CTA: Discover


Newsletter for the launch of a new line Oreo cookies the lemon
English translation:
Hi XXX, Do you love the scent of lemons and the sour aroma that tenderly combines with sweetness? We at Taste Box do, and that’s why we want to introduce you to the new summer line of lemon-flavored Oreos. Goodness is in just one bite! Visit www….it to discover an Oreo like you have never tasted before. Try it to believe.