Hi, I am Marianna, a communications and marketing consultant. Positive Communication Journal is the place where I show you how to improve your communication and where I share my experience and a bit of advice.


Instagram Feed for Fashion

I managed the Italian and Spanish accounts of About You until April 2022.

Instagram for Travel

Post for TourRadar announcing September’s travel destination: Greece.

Want a vacation away from the crowds and the scorching heat? Eheh, we got you right! 🌞

Cheaper costs, cooler weather and long beaches… what could be better than a trip in September? For this new month we TourRadar have chosen the destination country for this new month, one of the most beautiful in the world: Greece! 🌊

Follow us so you don’t miss out on magnificent vacation spots and to book our adventurous tours! 💪

Instagram for Tech B2B

Post for Interacta to publicize the Interaction Manifesto, a set of principles on which to base a new work culture.

✅ 30 are the points of the Manifesto of Natural Interaction, the purpose of which is to pursue #technology aimed at increasing the value of engagement, #knowledge and collective intelligence.

💡#interacta is the solution designed for this, to connect and engage the #workforce by responding to its needs.

🔗So join the manifesto if you feel the same way! Click on the link in bio #manifestointeracta

Twitter Post

Twitter post for ICOM, International Council of Museums, to sponsor a new online course regarding museum inclusiveness strategies.

“Creating Meaningful and Inclusive Museum
Practices” is our first Massive Open Online
Course, the #ICOMMOOC: 4 weeks of debate,
strategies and reflection on inclusivity within
museums from a contemporary perspective.


Linkedin Post

Linkedin post to share a new customer and his review and satisfaction.

Maggioli Group has chosen Interacta 🙌

We are happy to join Maggioli Group on a path of growth and #innovation 😍 Adopting Interacta means putting #people and their #knowledge at the heart of processes, but it also means sharing the values we hold most dear.

Welcome to the #Interacta world!

Facebook Post

Facebook post from the Iceland Insider page for which I manage communications

Iceland direction ✈️
Yes, but how far is Iceland from Italy? Sometimes the idea of embarking on a long trip can hold us back. So let’s see together what a trip to Iceland would entail in numerical terms:
✅The average distance to travel is about 3,241 km
✅At a flight speed of 900 km/h
✅For a duration of 3 hours 36 minutes
In short, the right compromise for a trip that is not too long but can catapult you into a fascinating culture and completely new landscapes. What about you, would you go? Leave a comment ⬇️

Reel creation

Creating a reel for Interacta on the bee hive adoption initiative with the preservation of 40000 bees

Bee Interacta: the future of bees is also the future of innovation 🐝

The Bee Interacta beehive is meant to symbolize the conception of a new way of working: only a working environment whose people are truly involved in the company’s activities, through natural interaction based on the transparent exchange of information and knowledge, is fertile ground for valuable technological innovation. 

Blog Post for Interacta

For Interacta, I draft an editorial calendar, write and publish articles from an SEO perspective: this particular article talks about the initiative to adopt a beehive

Bees do not, like us humans, possess any particular tools for communicating with each other, except precisely a naturalness in interacting, yet their efficiency is known to most, so much so that they have become emblems of industriousness. What bees can teach us is that we need to decrease the complexity of tools and increase the effectiveness of collaboration by placing the focus on simple, efficient, direct communication.
Communication for bees is everything, just as it is for us at Interacta: that’s why Bee Interacta, that’s why adopting an entire hive to be an example and inspiration.

Blog Post for YesCapa

Travel articles for the blog of YesCapa, an RV rental company. In this case we are talking about Germany on the road

One stop to add to our logbook of must-see RV trips is undoubtedly Germany.
Mysterious, austere, and fascinating, Germany is a destination region waiting to be discovered. It is not only its capital, Berlin, that attracts thousands of tourists, but the entire German territory has natural beauty to offer, such as lakes and mountains, as well as beautiful villages and fairy-tale castles. From Bavaria, to the Black Forest, not forgetting the charming cities of Hamburg and Munich, each stop on the many RV itineraries in Germany will give you the impression of accessing landscapes that are as fascinating as they are diverse. Germany lends itself perfectly to a motorhome trip, thanks to the many well-equipped rest stops and green areas, scattered throughout the country, where you can camp.

Influencer Marketing

I have worked with influencers such as Mariano Di Vaio, Marta Sierra, Giulia Gaudino, and Natalia Cebrian, taking care of agency relations, negotiating and drafting contracts, and working on content briefs and editorial plan.

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